People We Like

The internet is full of talented, creative, funny people, all writing about money and life, simply for your pleasure. The people below are content creators that do a vastly superior job to us. And we can’t recommend them enough. All have strong, distinct voices and a lifetime of experience.

We hope this blog is helping to kick start your journey to be moving from financial naive to financially aware. What we’ve discovered is the more we read, watch, listen to, the more our net worth increases. Becoming financially aware is a mindset. It’s habit forming. Every day we learn a little bit more that helps improve our net worth.

Pete Matthew – He has many fingers in many pies. He founded the Meaningful Money business. He has a website, blog, book The Meaningful Money Handbook both in physical and audio forms, training courses etc. Quite simply this is an excellent place to start to get everything you need in one place to become rich. He’s an all round decent bloke that deserves a knighthood.

The Escape Artist – An amazing blog. The Escape Artist retired in his early forties and now enjoys life a lot more. His writing is insightful, inspiring, and hilarious. Has a universal appeal, but if you’re from Britain it’s twice as funny.

Mr Money Mustache – The best blog, and the biggest, about retiring early. Mr Money Mustache writes in a clear, fresh style about all things money, yet he focuses more on reducing expenses and living a full, happy life. This blog is usually attributed to changing people’s lives not just financially, but physically and emotionally. For all the blogs out there, this is the easiest read with the most life altering content.

J L Collins – The master of index fund investing. Jim’s approach is so simple at first you won’t believe it. In his book The Simple Path to Wealth, in physical and audio forms, he writes with clarity and assurance that is rare in any investing books or podcasts. A must for all people wanting to invest or investing right now.

Warren Shute – Same as above. Warren Shute is one of the UK’s leading Financial Planners. Rather than focusing solely on generating his own wealth, he’s set himself the goal to help 1 million people, for free. That type of giving is rare and unheard of. Warren’s “You can do it” style is comforting and confidence building. His book The Money Plan gives you all you’ll need to know.

George S. Clason – He wrote The Richest Man in Babylon in 1926. It’s frightening how the things he teaches, almost 100 years ago, are exactly what needs to be done today. He teaches the basics and how to live your financial life. An excellent book.

The Mad Fiendist – Another proponent of the FIRE movement. Brandon has an amazing blog, where he chats with fellow early retirement chums about all the things needed to retire early. He has a relaxed, friendly style which makes it sound like he’s always talking with an old friend over a couple of drinks in the back garden. An enjoyable podcast from first episode to last.

Warren Buffett – The greatest investor of all time. Once the richest man in the world, currently the third richest. Warren’s wisdom is everywhere on the internet, and should be listened to. If you were interested in cricket and you could get free advice from Ian Botham you’d take it. Same with Buffett. He said the majority of people should invest in index funds, such as the S&P 500, and via companies like Vanguard.

Andy Hart – He created Maven Adviser, he’s a lot like Pete Matthews and Warren Shute above. There is a slight difference to Andy’s style. He focuses more on people that have already started their journey. He is keen on the behavioural aspects of wealth creation. He often scares you into improving your financial self, such as he’ll tell his listeners they will be poor in old age if they don’t increase their pension contributions. His “harder” style is definitely needed once you’ve taken the lessons learned from Pete and Warren.

Vanguard – This is a company, rather than a person. But they produce great content about passive investing. People in the UK can invest their money through them in a stocks and shares ISA. Vanguard was founded by John C. Bogle. One of the good guys in finance.

David Bach – The author of The Automatic Millionaire is a huge success in America and the rest of the world. He makes you understand that you don’t need to be earning big money to be a millionaire. It’s all about getting rich slowly. He’s renowned for his “The Latte Effect” methodology. Rather than spending money every morning on non-essential things, like a cup of tea or coffee, save the money and at the end of the month you’ll have over £100 to invest, each month. Powerful stuff.

T. Harv Eker – His book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind is pretty American self-helpy, but don’t let that put you off. Someone trying to help you is a good thing. He’s a man who has been there and done it. What he teaches will open your eyes to the possible.

Brian Tracy – Brian is how we imagine every American’s granddad to be. Smiling, happy, knowledgeable and willing to pass on his life lessons to his grandchildren. We found his teaching most helpful with setting financial goals.

Jim Rohn – Again, like Brian above, excellent for setting financial goals. You can watch most of Jim’s work on YouTube.

The Plain Bagel – A great YouTube channel. They present all things regarding the stock market. Their videos are short, informative, well produced and have the ability to turn the youngest novice into Gordon Gecko in just a couple lessons.

Choose FI – The two co-hosts on this podcast are maybe the nicest two Americans alive. They talk about all things FIRE from travel hacking to savings rate to the “why” factor of retiring early. What I like about the podcast is they seem to have dozens of in jokes between them that never get shared, showing their true friendship.

Robert T. Kiyosaki – The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, you can take this with a pinch of salt, but still some good things in there. He’s a real sales man, and it’s a master class in confidence and self promotion. He’s good to come to later in your financial journey when you are wiser and can make better decisions.

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