About Us

We’re Garry and David. We love money. We love talking about money and making money work for us.

Our mission:

We have one mission with this website: we want to help other people become financially free. We hope our content will kick start your journey to becoming financially independent.

We focus on, but not exclusively:

  • Setting financial goals.
  • Getting out of debt, fast! And never getting into it again.
  • Building an emergency fund.
  • Reducing expenses.
  • Protecting yourself financially against life disasters.
  • Buying your own home, or rental properties.
  • Saving into pensions.
  • Investing in the stock market.
  • And anything else we can think of that we feel will help you save.

We do this via our blog posts or through our 1-2-1 or group coaching sessions.


  • We are not Financial Advisers or Financial Planners. We’re blokes with a blog.
  • We have no financial training and are not certified to offer advice.
  • If we mention any financial products, we’re not recommending you to take them.
  • It is your responsibility to seek alternative views. Example, if we were writing a medical blog and we said that small heat rash on your leg is cancer and you should cut it off immediately, you’re probably going to seek an opinion of a doctor, because, to mention once again, we’re not financially certified. We’re blokes with a blog.
  • We strongly recommend you seek financial advice from a certified Financial Planner or Financial Adviser or the government’s free money advice services about your financial life. Just because we said it, and it works for us, doesn’t make it correct. One last time, we’re blokes with a blog.
  • All decisions you take are solely your own. If you follow what we write and it goes wrong, it’s your fault for not seeking alternative information from other sources.

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