Attitude and money are closely linked

Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.

— Albert Einstein

What personal trait will earn you money?

There are several traits we could add here, such as having a high risk tolerance and investing all in equities, or having the trait of delayed gratification, meaning don’t have your cake now, you save it and eat it later.

One trait that we can all do is work harder and smarter. Let’s say your job is to sweep roads. You go through your day, outside in the fresh air, getting lots of exercise and doing something that impacts everyone: you are removing litter from the pavements and roads and sweeping them clean. A noble job.

But, what if you just do an average job? What if you miss the odd crisp packet, leave a sheet of crumpled newspaper? In the day to day, probably not much will happen. But over a week, or a month or a year, your patch of land to clean will look like a drunken student’s bedroom. The residents of those streets will lose pride in them, they may start littering more and it gets worse and worse. Finally your manager is alerted and he or she gives you the sack and you no longer have a salary.

Now let’s turn this scenario 180 degrees. You’re the road sweeper that never leaves a crisp packet. You start work a little earlier than your colleagues and you leave a little later. You clean your equipment every afternoon before you go home so that tomorrow you can start immediately. You’re always friendly with the residents of the streets and they in turn don’t want to make more work for you, so they are more careful with their rubbish. Your streets are noticed by people not living in the area as to how clean they are. Someone even contacts your employer and your manager is told of the good work you do. When it comes to the pay review you are awarded a bigger pay increase and a bigger bonus. You’re promoted at a later date, which again brings a larger salary and bonus. You are asked to teach the new people who join, which you rightly do. They then have the same work ethic as you, and all of a sudden the entire village/town/city is sparkling clean. Your company wins awards and gets more contracts. You are singled out as the person who started this transformation. You’re given a bigger salary and a bigger bonus. Money rolls into your bank account in huge rubbish truck quantities. Life is excellent.

But why? Well, it’s because you have the right attitude. When you are first employed in a company attitude is the only thing you can control. If you have a bad attitude no one wants to give you a salary increase. If you have the right attitude and work hard every day and work smart every day then the pay rises will come. As a manager it’s a lot harder to refuse a pay rise to one of you top performers compared to the people in the bottom sector of performance. And, if the pay rise doesn’t come, or stupidly, gets rejected, you know that you’ve built this work ethic of having the right attitude and you can take that to any job and receive the salary you deserve.

Having the right attitude is something you can control and will help to fill up your bank account far easier than having the wrong attitude.

Author: The Pound Pence Team

We're Garry and Dave, and we're addicted to talking about money. We want to help as many people as possible become financially free by setting financial goals, getting out of debt, building an emergency fund, saving into their pension, buying their own property and investing for the long term over many decades. We don't do get rich quick, but we do get rich.

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